Writing Your Automations

Here you will find guidance on how to structure your actions and samples for working with common tools and tasks


Kognitos has removed the need for writing code or working with a drag and drop interface. Instead, Kognitos allows you to write you automation using natural English!

For example, if you have a document and you want to run it through an OCR engine to digitize it in order to extract fields, all you have to do is write is the following:

get the file as a scanned document

Tasks that normally required complex setup and configuration can now be handled in understandable English!

Building Automations in English

In the following guides we'll walk you through how to format your requests in a way that can be translated into an automation. In addition to writing your automation from scratch, you can use the Koncierge to help you write specific lines or chunks of your automation. If you run into an issue with the format/grammar of the English you've written, Koncierge is a good place to double check your work.

Let's Learn How To Build with Kognitos!