Sending Emails

Basics of Sending an Email

To send an email using Kognitos you can write:

send an email to [email protected]
	the message is "This is text that goes in the body of the email"

You can also write the above like:

send "This is text that goes in the body of theO email" to [email protected]

If you want to send an email and customize the subject as well as send an attachment, you can write the automation like so:

send an email to [email protected]
  the subject is "Report ready for reveiw"
  the message is "Please review the attached document."
  the attachment is the file

Sending a Table as an Excel Sheet

During the course of an automation, you may create a table and need to send it as an attached Excel sheet. To do so you have to specify you want it converted to an Excel file type and then you can attach it like a normal file.

Pretend you have a table name the purchases table, here's how you would attach it as an Excel:

convert the purchases table to an excel

send "Here is the table" to "[email protected]" where
  the subject is "Excel sheet is attached"
  the attachment is the excel 
  the attachment's name is "table.xlsx"