Build your automations with Kognitos


The Kognitos Playground is your space to build and test out your automations! You can write your own automations from scratch or leverage Koncierge and bring in the suggestion's into the development window.

To access the Playground, navigate to the Playground tab at the top of the application.

Playground in the Navbar

Playground in the Navbar

Blank Playground

Blank Playground

Navigating the Playground

Let's walk through the main features of the playground:

1. Brain Monitor

The Kognitos Brain is the engine that actually parses the English you write and then executes the automations. You can watch the brain work and what it is currently processing through the status updates and the current emoji used to represent the Brain!

2. Automation Editor

This is the section of the Playground where you will actually write your automations. For more information on how to effectively write an automation check out this guide!

3. Koncierge Button

This button pops open the Koncierge tab so that you can interact with your personal automation assistant when building automations. Check out this guide to learn more!

4. Run Button

Clicking this button runs the automation you've built in the editor. You'll see each line of the automation highlighted with a green line if ran successfully, and a red line if you need to provide input to the automation.

5. Create Process Button

This button takes your automation you've built in the editor and allows you to publish it as a Process. Your automation will remain in the playground even after you publish it as a Process so you can continue to build and test. This page has more information on Processes.

Building In The Playground

Writing Your Automation in the Editor

The playground is designed to be easy to visualize and write your automations. To start, click into the editor and type out your instructions for the automation. When you want to write a new line, use the Enter key.

When you're writing instructions that require indenting the line, you'll be able to clearly visualize which instructions correspond to which loop or conditional statement.

When you're ready to test your automation, you can click the Run button and await your output.

Suggestions Feature

You may notice while you're typing that the editor will populate suggested lines relevant to the line you are currently typing. This feature comes in handy if you can't quite remember the grammar needed to complete an action, and saves you time by autocompleting the line if you do choose one of the suggested instructions.

If you have ideas for what phrases may make more sense as a suggestion while you're working, feel free to provide that feedback to [email protected].

Copying Koncierge Recommendations into the Editor

While you're building, you can open the Koncierge tab to the right of the editor. Feel free to interact with Koncierge and copy the proposals into your build environment using the Try It button.

For more information around working with Koncierge, check out this page!