Managing Departments

Understand your governance options with Kognitos


Departments are Kognitos way to partition your Organization to organize your automations as well as who has access to them.

For example, you can create Departments to quite literally partition your automations by business department like Finance, Human Resources, and IT. You can partition your Organization any way that makes sense for your team, users can even provision their own Department to work as their own development sandbox.

Working With Your Department

Books and Learnings are unique to each department. You can learn more about them in their respective pages.

At a high level, Books allow you to integrate with third party products and run specific actions in your automation.

Learnings are rules that your automation can follow and use while running. Learnings are logical statements you can teach Kognitos to help it handle processes with variations in the future. A simple example: in the case of an invoice, where to explicitly look on a document to find a specific field.

Tips to Setting Up a Department

Learn Books Before Building Automations

Books are learned at the department and you can save yourself some development time by installing books before you start building. For more information on books read this guide.

Take Advantage of Subprocesses

Automations in the same department will often have similar actions that need to be taken in an automation: logging into certain apps, sending data to certain systems, or even processing a document a similar way. Creating a process, and then calling that process from another process can help your automations stay clean and easy to read as well as saves time when you are building.

To learn more about subprocesses, read here!