Your personal assistant when it comes to building automations


Just like at a hotel, Koncierge helps you identify what you would like to automate and builds a plan to execute that automation. In a chat-bot style format, Koncierge suggests and builds a step-by-step draft of an automation for you based on your request that you can then tweak to fit your specific needs. Automations now require very little effort or technical expertise to build and are understandable by all.

With Koncierge, you can effortlessly write English in your natural conversational style, while the Playground offers a slightly more structured format without sacrificing the flexibility of the language.

For example in Koncierge you can write:

example of what user types into Koncierge

example of what user types into Koncierge

Then Koncierge will take that request written in a natural, conversational way, and converts their request into a formatted English that can be run as an automation:

Koncierge is aimed to be anything from a starting point for building your automations all the way to an assistant when you can't figure out how to write a step in the automation or you would like a refresher. Koncierge is your personal automation building assistant.

Accessing Koncierge

From the Playground

The Koncierge exists as a sidebar in the Playground to make it easy and accessible while building automations.

Working With Koncierge

When building in the Playground, you can easily move the produced automation in the Koncierge window using the "Try It" button!

Play around with different requests for Koncierge! As it to generate complete skeletons of a process or just use it as a remind of how to write a specific action in the automation.

If you feel the answer you received from Kognitos was not helpful or a better answer could have been shared, feel free to share your chat with the Kognitos team and we'll continue to grow the interaction!

We are continuously working on improving Koncierge support.

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