Kognitos Overview

Kognitos is the world's first automation solution in plain human language! Easy to automate in simple english.

What is Kognitos?

Kognitos is an automation platform that combines both the traditional, logical approach of automation with the intuitive, creative side of Generative AI to drive the most power and efficiency for customers.

Generative AI technology accelerates the benefit of automation while allowing the system to learn over time through natural dialog with the business user without burdening developers or IT for simple fixes.

Kognitos uses Natural Language Processing(NLP) and Large Language Models(LLMs) to interpret a user's automation request and automates the process with quick responses.

Why Kognitos?

Today's automation tools require extensive training (sometimes +1-3 months!), and are limited to processes with low levels of variability and exceptions. But, the business world is complex and changes frequently! Instead, the Enterprise needs an automation tool that is built to work and think like people. Kognitos is designed to minimize any training required, and be understandable to all users throughout the automation cycle. Build in English, handle exceptions in English, review logs in English.

Like a good student, Kognitos also can be taught with easy, English logic. When exceptions occur, business users or process SMEs can tell Kognitos how to solve the challenge, teaching it how to solve similar challenges in the future. This makes Kognitos adaptable, able to handle changes and variations and flexible for enterprises today.

How is Kognitos different from other Automation Technologies?

Kognitos makes automation development easy and smooth. Previously, automation makes the manual tasks easier, however developing the automation was not an easy task. Now, with Kognitos, the development of the automation is also made easier and simpler.

Kognitos compared to RPA

Automation through programming & Code Scripting or low codeAutomation with simple English and plain human language
Automation through UI and Screen ScrapingAutomation with LLM and NLPA with the help of APIs and backend interface features
Automation impacted with UI changesAutomations are not impacted by UI changes due to backend integrations
Difficult to scale and needs multiple tests to change a code making it inflexibleEasy to scale, flexible to change code as required without much testing required
Specifically developed for Windows based apps and processesAutomation can be developed and run on multiple OS platforms without the limitation
Needs professional developer or an. expert who has learnt the RPA toolAny user can automate here!! No development training required

No Complexity of Automation Bots

With RPA companies, you have probably heard the phrase "automation bots" or that "software robots run automations". With Kognitos, there is no need to manage any bots or manage any desktop installations.

Kognitos runs fully from your browser and allows for stable API-based automations. No need to setup and configure multiple applications to run one automation, Kognitos allows you to get up and running quicker than ever with a single, integrated application.

As a part of Kognitos "No Bots" product, Kognitos eliminated the need to manage different types of licenses or try and anticipate how many bots you may need. Kognitos processes can be run in attended or unattended fashion as desired.

Example Use Cases

Common Use Cases By Vertical

Manufacturing and Logistics:

  1. Bills of Lading
  2. Bills of Materials
  3. Pack Slips


  1. Receipt Fraud
  2. AR/AP
  3. Inventory Planning


  1. 3rd Party Debt Collection
  2. Auto Claims Declarations
  3. Workers Compensation Claims
  4. KYC
  5. Fraud Detection

Demo Videos

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