Email Trigger

All of Kognitos' automations can be triggered via an email

Setting Up an Email Trigger

Automations must be published as a Process in order to be triggered by an email. You cannot trigger a Playground automation via email at this time.

Process Specific Email Address

When you create a Process, a unique email address is created for each process. When an email is sent to this specific email address, it will trigger your automation to run. This allows you to access any part of email to be used in the automation, not limited to but including the subject line, sender, body of the email, and any attachments!

Kognitos users often set up forwarding rules for certain kinds of emails in order to trigger the Process whenever an email comes in.

How Do I Find My Process's Email?

Navigate to a specific Process under the Processes tab. On the right hand side of the screen if you click the menu button, you'll see an option that says Copy Email.

Writing Automations that Will Be Triggered by Email

To access the attachments of an email that triggers a Process, we would write:

process each attachment as follows

This statement grabs each attachment from the email in order to take further action.

You can also use the following phrases to get details about the email to use in your automation:

the email sender
the email body is BODY
the email html is HTML
the email subject
the email date