Nesting Processes

Breaking up your automation into subprocesses


Within the Kognitos platform, you can have one Process call and run another Process within the automation.

Why is this helpful?

For complicated automations, the automation may contain many lines and many steps required to complete the entire task. By splitting out steps of the automation into their own Processes, it can make it easier to test specific steps of the automation as well as keep the main automation clean.

For example, let's say you have built an invoice processing automation. And this automation requires the steps:

  1. Extract email attachments
  2. Determine if the attachment is an invoice
  3. Extract key fields and tables from the invoice
  4. Double check that some fields match data in a third party system
  5. Reformat some of the extracted data
  6. Send extracted data to a third party application

Instead of writing all of the lines required to automate in one Process, you could split up these steps into their own Processes to make them easier to test. And then from one main automation, call each of the Processes needed in order to keep the main automation even easier to understand.


At the moment, you cannot test calling another Process within your automation in the Playground.

Processes must call other Processes. To test, you'll need to promote your automation from the Playground to a Process.

How Do I Call One Process From Another Process?

To call another process within a process, we use the formatting:


Let's make this more understandable. Let's say you have the following process: