Book Operations

Enabling Kognitos to work with different systems and applications


Books are how Kognitos allows you to connect and build with other applications and systems! By installing Books from the department tab, you can run application specific commands to round out your automation.

Books allow you to use English to connect to other systems without having to worry about how the APIs were setup. Even when working with third-party connectors, Kognitos allows you to interact in plain English, making the automation easy to understand even if you are non-techhnical.

Learning a Book

When you want to work with an application we have a Book (connector) for, navigate to the Departments tab and locate your Book. Select the checkbox in the leftmost column of the table then click the Learn Book(s) button.


After you learn a Book, you must create a new playground for that Book to have an effect

So if you are positive your English looks good, but your automation is still causing issues... double check that you have learned the Book for that Department and that you have created a new Playground. Old Playgrounds will not recognize a Book that was learned after its creation.